Welcome to week A! I hope you are excited to get started. Each week there will be a focus statement or phrase. This week will be called “consistency.” It is very easy to get overzealous when starting something new. Do New Year resolutions ring a bell? Triathlon success is rooted in consistency. Consistent effort, consistent training, consistent eating, and consistent attitude will lead to growth. DO NOT over do it this week. When the session explains to go easy, do it! This week is all about getting into a routine. Week A and B are prep weeks for the 28 week plan, so don’t stress as you work out the kinks.

This workout schedule is on a repeating template. All weeks start on Monday. The plan calls for a Friday off day. The design works best if you follow the plan as it shows on the schedule, but will still be effective if workouts are moved. Group workouts are available throughout the year. These are not required, but will be a great way to push yourself, meet new people, and have a coach present. The plan is designed for you to participate as much as possible.

If you need to move a workout to accommodate your schedule try to avoid doubling up days or doing two days very hard in a row. If you miss a day, let it go! Just start fresh the next day. It is possible you will come across new terms such as; threshold, perceived exertion, zone 3, are all examples, but don’t worry you will get explanation for all of it! If you need assistance, please ask your question to either a Derek Garcia or an assistant coach or on the forum.

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