Derek understands the challenge to compete and train while maintaining healthy relationships with family and friends. Through communication, hard work, and dedication to excellence, Derek feels athletes can reach their own personal success. He has successfully coached over 100 athletes to Ironman finishes. Derek offers full time coaching to meet all ability levels, consultation, group, and other 1 to 1 options please email Derek at for more details.

Before signing up with DG Multisports, I could barely run a mile. I was 210# and kept getting injured when I tried to train myself. Under Derek’s coaching I’ve lost almost 30#, participated in numerous triathlons include an Ironman without 1 injury. Perfect program. Dr. John Kim


Investing in Derek’s coaching services has allowed me to focus my energy entirely upon improving. I have developed into a fitter, smarter, and more accomplished triathlete because Derek provides me with unique and specific workouts designed to target my weaknesses. As a result, I have garnered a new sense of confidence that, combined with his direction, has allowed me to race at a level I only once dreamed of achieving.
Meghan Faulkenberry

Physical Therapist

Derek is an excellent coach. He 1) adapts your schedule to adjust for life, 2) devises efficient training plans for those with busy schedules, and 3) brings a wealth of information to the table. In my first season with Derek, I PR’d every race I entered – be it triathlon, running, or otherwise. And my results keep getting better. Enough said. John McEntire

Derek Garcia took this mediocre athlete to her maximum potential actually getting her on the podium from time to time. She’s doing the CDA 70.3 in the Spring of 2016 and plans to continue to use his superb coaching services to PR. Watch out all you middle aged women 😉 Dr. Beth Martin


Group Training Programs

  • Custom training Programs for large groups (4 or more). Please email for more details.
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Personalized Coaching

  • Workout scheduled in TrainingPeaks
  • DG forum access
  • Access to instructional videos
  • Group workout options
  • Individual review of completed workouts
  • Unlimited communication with coach
  • Power file analysis
  • Personalized race plan
  • Personalized nutrition consulting
  • Additional one on one training at a discounted hourly rate
  • Unlimited video analysis of any discipline
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