cda ironman bike photo

photo credit: James Richman

This race will always hold a special place in my heart. Coming in to this race I felt confident that I could improve upon previous attempts here. Each year I come in with a bit more experience and fitness and am excited to race in front of family and friends. Growing up in Coeur d’Alene was amazing and I always feel like this race is a celebration of the awesome community of support that I have.

The swim was incredibly choppy. I remember thinking that I was worried for some of the age groupers because I knew that it was only going to get worse. I got out of the water in 5th place with a 54:xx swim, but was unable to stay with the guys I knew would really put the hammer down on the bike in Maik Twelsiek and Ben Hoffman. It was a given that Andy Potts would be out front, but the key for me was two keep the gap closer to Maik and Ben in the swim.

Onto the bike I had a solid ride and felt very strong throughout, but was solo for 100 miles seeing the gap to the men up front continue to grow. At mile 101 Matt Russell passed me and at that point I needed to just continue to ride my own race and so I let him go up the road. The wind increased throughout the ride and I was able to get off in around 4:50.

Starting the run I felt very good. Maybe the best I have ever felt. I went into this race with the thought that I had everything it took to break 3 hours for the first time. Starting out in 6th place I felt I had a good chance to move up if I ran well. Through the first half marathon I was averaging 6:31 miles and still feeling good. At mile 15 though I started to labor and was really running out of gas. It has been difficult for me to fuel properly for races and this race I believe I simply did not have enough. I struggled from miles 15-22 and was passed by Matt Hansen who passed me like I was standing still (I kinda was at this point). I finished the race with my highest ever Ironman finish of 7th place and although I wanted to place higher, I believe it was a true indication of where I am right now. 3:07 on the marathon is not enough if I want to podium. Looking forward to moving up in the rankings next year!IMG_4913 IMG_4916 IMG_4926

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